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don’t neglect your friends. friendships are important as hell and if you think they’re second best to romantic relationships, you need to reflect upon the role good friendships have played in your life, on how much more stable and long-term they can be. friendships are incredible and deserve as much appreciation, devotion, honesty, and love as romantic relationships. 

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BJ Novak interview- 'Mindy Kaling & Soup Snakes'
Interviewer: Mindy Kaling was asked about you recently-
BJ: Uh oh.
Interviewer: And she said, and this bears some discussion, "I saw this documentary on Woody Allen once, and one of the things I loved about it is that he still seems to meet Diane Keaton every week for lunch. They truly seem like best friends and soul mates. I'm not saying that we've accomplished that, or that we're great and that interesting. but I think that's the ideal relationship." She was talking about you.
BJ: Mindy and I call each other soup snakes, which is our version of soul mates, based on an Office episode in which Steve Carell is reading a triubte to his love, Holly, and he can't read his own handwriting and calls them soup snakes instead of soul mates. *laughs* So, I think we're soup snakes for better and worse.
Interviewer: Why does putting that label on it make you feel more comfortable about being soul mates? Are you soul mates?
BJ: Please say soup snakes.
Interviewer: I can't. *laughs* It's weird.
BJ: I don't think that term makes me more or less comfortable. I'm not a big language guy. Just kidding. *laughs* You could call it whatever. It doesn't change what it is.
Interviewer: Soul mates?
BJ: Sure, I do think on some-
Interviewer: Say it. Soulmates?
BJ: When did this turn into an US Weekly interview?
Interview: *laughs* You knew it was always going to be that..
BJ: Quite a long con, I have to say. Taking me to this gorgeous historic theater, having me read the book, and having a very in depth debate about our ability to interpret celebrity culture at face value. And, it's all about getting that headline "Novak: Mindy Kaling Is My Soulmate." *laughs*
Interviewer: And?
BJ: And what?
Interviewer: And?
BJ: You need more?
Interviewer: Yes, I need more! Are you soul mates?
BJ: Maybe. *grins*
from this interview:

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together pangea | offer

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Are you fucking kidding me? Did we all just wake up in 1938?

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“Interesting how everyone want to be black when it comes to hip hop and partying and using the n-word. And no one want to be black when it comes to racial profiling, racist ass cops and being denied access to resources..”

Jp Craig

I saw this as a comment on the article “B-STYLERS’ ARE JAPANESE TEENS WHO WANT TO BE BLACK” 

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